About Us

Under the Troy Africa umbrella, Troy Crating was established, in order to provide a holistic service to our clients.We supply A-Grade timber (pre-heat treated timber or wet off saw) directly from the mills to suit client’s requirements. We provide timber, palletising ans crating solutions and we are fast becoming one of South Africa’s leading wood crating supplier. This is as a result of high client satisfaction and the quick turn-around time – especially for high volumes. We Guarantee high quality products as all products, whether supplied or manufactured, go through strict quality assurance processes. This is to ensure client satisfaction as well as product quality requirements are adhered to.


We specialize in building wooden crates for export be it air or sea freight. We offer on-site services including pre-build. As per the department of agriculture’s export regulations, all crates are stamped with a unique registration. Crate types include closed crates, skeleton crates, open crates or heavy duty crates.


We build and supply customized pallets depending on clients requirements including new and used pallets.


We do the following types of strapping: container packing, container lashing as well as container strapping.

Company Policies

 Quality Policy Statement


Troy Crating shall ensure, through its management, company procedures and employees, that every effort is directed towards achieving and meeting our client’s as well as our quality goals. Troy Crating works in accordance with respective client’s quality systems, ensuring that the specified quality requirements are achieved. Managers are responsible for maintaining quality control procedures in their respective areas and ensuring supervision and awareness of quality requirements to optimize the individuals capabilities, both for the benefit of the company as well as ensuring the advancement of the employee. All skilled labour used are qualified and have many year’s experience. The majority of our workforce have been with the company for more than 5 years.

Labour Force


Employees who make a positive contribution to Troy Crating’s image and financial results are rewarded an given the opportunity to attend training and or management courses, depending on which is appropriate for the individual at the level of his / her capabilities.


We place major emphasis on the training of personnel, both on the job and attendance of  special in-house courses. Troy Africa and Troy Crating are committed to the training of personnel in order to optimize the individual’s capabilities.







All foremen and supervisors have teams with the following functions and responsibilities:

* To ensure that work instructions are carries out by the team promptly and as efficiently as possible, to the required specifications.

* While the work is being performed, to assist with the on the job upgrading of skills relating to the physical work as well as safety, quality control and planning / organizational ability.

* To promote and encourage team responsibility at all levels. To ensure that employees understand that responsibility for the task on hand could create more business opportunities for Troy Crating and therefore benefit the individual.